Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Butterfly Eyes

I am not the biggest fan of palettes in general, because it's usually impossible to use all its products and they are kind of bulky and impractical. Then I saw the Chantecaille Ethereal Lips Palette ($92) and the Ethereal Eyes Palette ($98). Now, if I went out and actualy purchased a hundred dollar lip or eye palette, I would end up feeling all kinds of buyers remorse and guilt. However, if it were given to me as a gift, well, I'd be thrilled. The lip palette holds six lipsticks and two new glosses (in pale petal- pink and glimmery gold) plus two sable-haired mini lip brushes. The eye palette (which I am practially drooling over as I write this) contains a mix of metallic and matte shades, a neutral base color and a wet/dry liner. My favorites are the butterfly-embossed gold highlighter and the silver shadow. A mini basic eye brush and a liner brush are included.

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