Monday, November 13, 2006

Miso Pretty

Blue Q is a cute company that produces a lot of things besides bath products and lip balms. These things include magnets, tee shirts, car fresheners, stickers, tattoos, and candy. Some of their brands include "Boss Lady," "Cat Butt," "Dirty Girl," "Virgin/Slut," "Total Bitch," and my favorite, "Miso Pretty." Special combination orchid and thyme scent is your alluring companion, with a deluxe and exotic blend of botanicals featuring bamboo oil extract, crushed pearl powder, and sea kelp. I've used a number of different body washes, and this Miso Pretty Body Wash ($11.99) is still my favorite. It's gently scented of marine mist, wild dune grass and thyme. Miso Pretty Lip Balm ($4.99) is a cherry non-petroleum based balm with SPF 18. Last but not least, Miso Pretty Hand & Body Cream ($12.99) smells like fresh-picked exotic peonies. Bamboo oil extract and muru muru butter make for "longtime soft skin." These products are definitely very best quality and the packaging is truly adorable.

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