Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bobbi Brown Violet Spring 2007

Bobbi Brown's new Spring Collection is very purple to say the least. I will say that I don't wear purple make up very often, and am a little turned off by this collection, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiement to find a purple that suits you. Bobbi's limited edition, Heather Pink Lip Gloss ($19) is a pale violet pink gloss. Don't be afraid, it's not opaque, it will blend with the pinks and reds in your lips. The limited edition, Violet Face Palette ($50) includes: 3 eye shadows (Orchid Shimmer Wash Shadow, Ivory shadow and Mahogany Shadow), 1 blush (Baby Violet) and 3 lip glosses (2 Shimmer Glosses- Golden Beige and Golden Violet Shimmer and 1 Pink Lily gloss). All shades EXCLUDING Mahogany eye shadow are exclusively available in this palette.

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