Friday, December 08, 2006

Makeup Recreation

This 27-year-old Korean actress is Grace Park. She’s most famous for starring on Battle Star Gallactica. I think her makeup looks great in this picture- smoky eye + nude, beige lips. To recreate the look, brush on foundation and set with powder for flawless skin. Now, if you don’t have a crease in your eye, don’t be afraid. First, line around the top lash line and the bottom line, starting from the outside corner and ending ¾ of the way with a thick, black pencil (try Benefit’s BADgal eye pencil- $18 or Too Faced’s Lava Matte eyeliner- $16.50). With a small eye shadow brush, start blending a dark charcoal shadow along the top lash line. With your eye open, dot along the area you want the shadow to show even with your eyes open. Apply the shadow up to that line, then blend until there the line is gone, you want a subtle gradation. Add a tiny bit of silver luminzer or white/sparkly eyeliner (try Cargo’s EyeLighter- $17) to the inner corners of the eye. Put foundation and powder over your lips, line with a neutral rose pencil, then fill with a caramel/beige colored gloss.

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