Thursday, February 01, 2007

Givenchy Gems

Givenchy's packaging is so beautiful, it doesn't even really matter to me what's inside. Pop Gloss Syrup Lip Gloss ($22) is a sheer, tinted gloss made from 2 types of wax and resin for ultimate shine. Available in Plum Syrup 435 (sheer fuschia purple) and Raspberry 436 (sheer watermelon pink). Inside the Prismissime Eyes 9 Color Eyeshadow in Arty Palette 53 ($53) are 6 pure, matte colors spotted with white pearlescent shimmer (inlays are pink, green, turquoise, yellow, purple and orange) and 3 iridescent, metallic shades (pure silver, pearly pink and precious copper).

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