Monday, March 19, 2007


AcneRecovery has created the first acne treatment that lets you adjust the strength of the medication through dials. The formula is a two-part system that gives you the balance of immediate-release medication that works right away, and time-release medication that keeps working hour after hour. Included in the AcneRecovery System Kit ($99) is the Morning Repair Lotion- a day lotion containing salicylic acid (adjustable from 0.5-2%), Retinol, gorgonian, allantoin, sea Whip and botanicals; the Nightly Treatment Lotion- a night lotion with benzoyl peroxide (adjustable from 2-7%) to fight acne while balancing maximizing effective treatment and minimizing side effects; and the Daily Face Wash- a gentle, medicated cleanser that exfoliates and lifts away oil and grime, containing salicylic acid (2%). Repair and Treatment Lotions last 3 months. Face Wash lasts 2 months. Available at Nordstroms.

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