Friday, May 18, 2007

Perfume Solid Chic

Everyone loves perfume, but who wants to tote an atomizer around in their purse- possibly causing a disastrous leak? Who wants to pack their perfume bottle in their suitcase for vacation?
Perfume Solids to the rescue. A few to choose from: Juicy Couture's Perfume Solid ($55) is a pretty pink solid perfume in a silver compact with a pink leather case. The Bvlgari Omnia Perfume Solid ($85) is tucked inside a gorgeous silver bauble and includes a white carrying case. Last but not least, my personal favorite is the Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid Compact ($55). It's Marc's signature gardenia scent packaged in a sleek black leather compact. So why do we recommend this so highly? Because throughout the day, your perfume dissipates. Because they are all so darn cute and chic at the same time. Because what's better than a fragrance that doesn't leak or break during transit?


Alexandra said...

This is so much fun! The Juicy one is gorgeous, who wouldn't want that in their purse?

Great blog!

health watch center said...

Wew what a collection to carry...I love 'em all...

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