Friday, May 04, 2007

Skincare To Go

The newest Bobbi Brown collections include Skincare to go ($48) and Extra Skincare to go ($75). Skincare to go includes a full skincare regimen- Lathering Tube Soap, Hydrating Face Cream, Overnight Cream, Hydrating Eye Cream, Eye Makeup Remover, Intensive Skin Supplement and 3 single-use packettes of Buffing Grains. Extra Skincare to go comes with the Balm Rinse Cleanser, SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm for daytime, Moisturizing Balm for nighttime, Eye Balm, Soothing Balm, Face Oil and 3 single-use packettes of Buffing Grains- which can be combined with the Balm Rinse for a personalized exfoliator. This one also has an empty jar to experiment with. Too perfect for vacations.

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