Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Larenim Mineral Makeup

Larenim (mineral spelled backward) was created by Kristen Corcoran, who had suffered from a mix of acne and rosacea.

The Goddess Glo Dark Shimmer Bronzer ($24.95) is a beautiful, shimmery bronzer without orange or sparkle. One of the best bronzers I've tried. A tiny bit goes a long way. Gorgeous.

The Under-Eye Concealer ($8.95) in Allure is a pale apricot perfect for covering red or purple circles. This is the first peachy mineral concealer I've found, and it delivers. As the brilliant Bobbi Brown says, apricot is really what counteracts purple and blue. It's true.

The Eye Colours ($8.95) are available in every color you could ever want. They are very highly pigmented and provide a glow-y, never overdone look. Spellbound, a rich, shimmery taupe, is a universally flattering color and my new HG eyeshadow. Dreamland is glistening eggplant, so dark it's almost black. Great as a liner. Northern Lights is a shimmering purple that I can actually wear. So many of the purples I try are too blue or too lavender and make me look ridiculous. This one is muted and beautiful and perfect for a summer twist. Midnight Magic is a sexy topaz with a shimmer of rainbow- which makes it unique. I like to layer this on top of Spellbound for a smoky look. All of them are great wet too.

I really like the high quality of Larenim Makeup. Don't tell anyone (especially Bare Escentuals!) that this is my #1 favorite brand of Mineral Makeup. It's naturally soothing and not drying, irritating or toxic to skin. Products contain NO talc, dyes, oils or chemicals. What won me over? None of the minerals will harbor bacteria, which means there's no expiration date!


Toya said...

I've never tried anything by this company ... I'll have to give them a try!

Anne-Marie said...

I also highly recommed this brand. It is the ONLY one I have found that is really truly free of all the parabens, fragrances and anything else that my skin reacts to. These are excellent formulations and I can not imagine ever putting anything else on my skin again. I am grateful that Karen took the time to create this line so that other women can benefit from healthful safe cosmetics that really do make you look radiant! Anne-Marie

verina oei said...

u make me wannaa try em

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