Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Diesel- Fuel For Life

Fuel For Life For Her was created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Vasseur and is a chypre-floral, with top notes of mandarin and pink pepper, heart notes of blackcurrant and jasmine and patchouli and musk at the base of the olfactory pyramid. $49.50- 50 ml. bottle

-I have to say that the lace pouch the bottle comes in is extremely feminine and I love the way it looks on my mirrored perfume tray. It took me a few hours to get completely used to this scent, it's different, like a musky floral. But I imagine a more hippie or bohemian kind of girl wearing it.

Fuel For Life For Him belongs to the fougere-powdery scent family. Noses Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier created the For Him scent, which has top notes of anise and grapefruit, middle notes of raspberry and lavender and base notes of heliotrope and dry woods. ($44.50 - 50 ml. bottle)

-My boyfriend doesn't wear cologne because when he was little, his dad told him that only gay guys wear cologne. Mm-hm. We all know that's not true (and so does his dad) and it was easy to convince him to wear it. (Actually I just sprayed him with it- and there was no escape!) I like this scent because it smells like the guy isn't trying too hard. It's light and woodsy but a little bit sweet. For his first cologne, I think it's a good start.


etirv said...

found it.

karen, said...

[...] Diesel Fuel For Life[...]

karen, said...

[...] Diesel Fuel For Life[...]

AManWhoCares said...

Hi people,
Just wanting you to know that this product IS tested on animals. So you know... if you wanted to spray it into your cats' eyes... it's ok!
Thank you.


I just found the poster somewhere I can't recall it now, and I wasn't curious enough to findout if it actually smells good or not but the posters and the phrase (fuel for life) actually caught my attention and that's why I googled it and ended up here...
Your review made me consider checking it soon because I simply love woody perfumes ;)

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