Friday, November 30, 2007

For The Man In Your Life: Every Man Jack

Target's new Men's Grooming Line is called Every Man Jack. They're bargain products for regular guys. Interesting packaging and unpretentious scents (or lack there-of) prove to make this brand a favorite. That's right, the boyfriend gave semi-approval. I've noticed him using the Post Shave Face Lotion now that it's getting colder. I liked the look of the wood-esque soaps and the unscented shave gel. Great grooming staples for the man in your life- at really affordable prices (and so conveniently at tar-jay).

  • Shave Gel ($4)- A rich gel formula that contains menthyl, marine extracts and vitamin E. Dye and oil free. Available in Signature and Fragrance Free.
  • Body Bar ($5)- Set of 3 wood inspired soaps. These soaps have a 100% vegetable base, are tallow free and contains marine extracts. Available in 3 scents- Signature, Tea Tree and Cedarwood.
  • Body Wash + Shower Gel ($5)- A refreshing, hydrating body wash that removes dirt and grime without drying out the skin. Available in Signature, Tea Tree and Cedarwood.
  • Post Shave Face Lotion (not shown, $5)- A light, non-greasy face lotion that contains Methyl, marine extracts, shea butter, aloe and vitamin E. Available in Signature and Fragrance Free.

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