Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Say Yes To Carrots

Yes to Carrots is a line of face, body and hair care products committed to creating Paraben free products that contain minerals, organic fruits and vegetables and Dead Sea mud. Available at Walgreens.

  • C Through the Dry Spell- Body Butter ($12.99)- A large tub of thick, white cream. I applied this all over my body before bed. It takes a little bit of rubbing in, but then it absorbs and you can't even tell you're wearing it. My skin was super soft in the morning.
  • C The Difference- Exfoliating Smoothing Mask ($14.99)- This mask contains carrot seed oil, carrot juice, magnesium salts and anti-oxidants. Slater all over the face to tone, revitalize and purify the skin. I used a washcloth to remove it for extra exfoliation. Very, very good for the price. I recommend for everyone.
  • C Is For Hair Care- Hair and Scalp Mud Mask ($12.99)- A hair mask that has extracts of carrot, pumpkin, orange and honey. It's moisturizing, softening, detangling, shining and volumizing. I'd never used a hair mask before but it was ok. The best part was washing it out of course. My hair seemed shinier and more conditioned.
  • C Loves Your Hair- Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo ($7.99)- This massive container of shampoo is blended with Dead Sea Mud, carrot, pumpkin, melon, orange and honey to cleanse, nourish and moisturize the hair. I use this daily, it's great for every day washing. It smells nice and will last forever.


Miss Angel said...

I've seen the ads for this stuff in just about every magazine and have been wondering how they work. Thanks for sharing your results!

junation said...

It interesting to know how well these products work.

Lstar00 said...

I love Yes To Carrots -- the Body Butter is great for cold weather dryness. I saw at Walgreens they have a couple of really reasonable gift sets -- and the Body Butter is included along with some other cool stuff.

mam said...

I am 72 years old,have always used good skin care creams,expensive creams.I started using "Yes To Carrots",a month ago.I find it to be as good, or better than those costing far too much.I am told frequently,"you sure do not look your age".

happyshopping said...

i bought a yes to carrot night cream, eye contour cream and the hair conditional. my hair became even more dry n the facial cream doesnt seems to be good either. i m so disappointed... =(

Kathy Newman said...

My co worker had psoriasis for 2 years. She spent a fortune in medications, and doctors. Nothing worked. She tried the Yes To Carrots Body Butter. The first time she tried it, some of the psoriasis started to flake off. So she used it for 3 weeks, and got rid of all of it.

So I was wandering about buying this for my husband. You see he has Lupus. So when he gets out into the sun, he gets this red rash. It usually goes away. For some reason, he had this red rash that would not go away. It was on his chest. So he tried the Yes To Carrots Body Butter, and it started to fade away. After 3 nights, it all went away. I was AMAZED, to say the least! !

Thank you, Ralph!
We all love you!
Kathy Newman

Cathy said...

I really loved the body butter but after about 3 weeks of winter use, I got a terrible red rash that is a little itchy on all the areas where I used the cream. I didn't believe it was the body butter but since stopping using it (3 days) this rash has started to subside.

Anonymous said...

These are awsome products and I just stocked up like crazy - leave it to Amazon to come through again! Until Jan 31, 2009 you get extra $20 off on top of the discounted price and free shipping. WOhoo!!!! Thee are amazing, my 43 year old skin is glowing, need I say more?!
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Anonymous said...

i bought the yes to carrots eye cream - it's reeally really thick ,and most eyes creams i've tred are quite a bit thinner - it it supposed to be really thick???

Lida DaiDaiHua said...

Thanks for sharing your results!

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