Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beauty Trend: Face Contouring Products

It's funny, because most makeup artists will tell you to not to contour. It's simply something that cannot be done by commoners. A normal person would end up looking dirty. Well, makeup companies are making it easier for the every-day-jane to slim her nose or define her cheek bones. Take a look:

Laura Geller's Shade N' Sculpt Baked Contouring Power with Brush ($38)- A silky baked powder that adds natural definition to the face. 2/3 of the pan holds the dark sculpting shade (soft brown with gold specks), a unique tone created to mimic the face's natural shadows. The remaining 1/3 holds the subtle highlighter (soft nude, beige shimmer) that enhances the sculpted effects.

MAC Sculpt and Shape Powder ($21, pictured- Accentuate/Sculpt: pale blushed beige/soft taupe) - A duo-pan shaded compact featuring a contour and a highlight powder in shades selected to complement each other. Professional formula. Jet-milled, ultra-smooth to apply: provides almost imperceptible shading. Use to shape and define the facial planes or define the shape of the eye. Available in: Bone Beige/Emphasize: palest cream/tan, Accentuate/Sculpt: pale blushed beige/soft taupe, Lightsweep/Shadester: Soft peachy beige/mid-tone brown, Warm Light/Definitive (clean peach/mid-tone reddish brown.)

Stila's Face Contouring Trio
($38)- A set of 3 shading powders to sculpt your facial features.

Are you going to try any of these new contouring powders?

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