Friday, January 18, 2008

New Collection: Bobbi Brown Spring 2008- Pink Raspberry

"Raspberry is a brilliant way to wear color. It brings out the natural flush of pink on cheeks. There's a shade of raspberry for every complexion- from pink to deep raspberry."
-Bobbi Brown

-Pink Raspberry Face Palette ($55)- new, limited edition, A sleek mirrored palette including Navajo and Fog Eye Shadows, Pink Raspberry Blush and Raspberry and Blue Raspberry Lip Sheers.

-Pot Rouge ($22)- new in Pink Raspberry and Raspberry.

-Glitter Gloss ($19)- new Pink Raspberry.

-Lip Gloss ($19)- new Pink Popsicle.

-Lip Crayon ($22)- limited edition, Pink Raspberry and Wild Raspberry lip crayons allow you to update your look with the luxurious feel of lipstick and the ease of a crayon-inspired pencil.

-Lip Sheer ($21)- New Black Raspberry.

-Pink Raspberry Mini Brush Set ($55)- Set includes Bobbi's 4 most popular mini brushes: Blush, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Lip in a soft zip-around case with pink raspberry interior.

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Gail said...

Just think of all the really, really good things that begin with the letter P - Pastry (yum!), Parfait (one more yum), Pretty, Pleasure, Perfect. Add to that list Pink Raspberry Face Palette from Bobbi Brown!
While Bobbi has certainly done a number of stunning collections, for me this is the most gorgeous to date - while it looks good enough to eat, it looks
even more incredible on.
Raspberry is a flattering shade for every complexion and in this palette Bobbi has presented a cool Pink Raspberry Blush that is the twin of a natural flush - so appealing!
The Blush is complemented by either Raspberry Lip Sheer or Blue Raspberry Lip Sheer. These colors glide on giving lips an all day pop of shimmery color.
The coup? Eyes highlighted with Navajo and Fog Eye Shadow - dusky, alluring, a perfect play against the delicious raspberry of cheeks and lips. Eyes are widened, more luminous.
All of this in Bobbi's signature mirrored limited edition compact. The beautiful Possibilities are Positively Priceless!

- Gail Cooke

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