Friday, January 25, 2008

Review: Trish McEvoy- Be Prepared Pink

Trish McEvoy's Be Prepared Pink Kit ($28) is the cutest thing ever. It fits inside the palm of my hand (and my hand is pretty small). There's 8 lip glosses and lip colors. I like to use a color from the top tier and layer one from the bottom on top because they're sparkly or shimmery. Great for your purse because there's so many colors and they can also be used for blush in a pinch.

Top Deck: Tropical Pink Lip Gloss, Babydoll Lip Gloss, Rosette Lip Gloss, Sparkling Pink Lip Color

Bottom Deck: Bare Lip Color, Buff Lip Color, Sugared Pink Lip Color and Sexy Lip Gloss

Net proceeds of the kit will be donated to support Girl Scouting.


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