Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Want Perfect Eye Brows? Try some Anastasia

Anastasia Soare is of course the Brow Guru of Beverly Hills (and everywhere else for that matter). Her signature brow techniques are acheivable using her product line- Anastasia Beverly Hills. Here's 3 new products:

Brow Filler ($20)- A spring loaded powder tipped sponge duo for eyebrows. The unique powder formula is designed to be slightly damp so that it can adhere to the skin, versus the brow hair. One end is brown and the other end is blonde, allowing you to mix both to find your customized brow color.

Tweezers Anonymous ($80 value, for $55)- A 12-step kit designed to restore sparse eyebrows. Set includes: a Brow Stix 3-piece stencil set, a Duo Brow Wand, a Mini Duo Brush and Nu Brow. Nu Brow is a colorless, odorless gel comprised of top proteins and vitamins to condition, repair and restore the eyebrows. It's clinically proven to stimulate the hair follicle as quickly as 4-6 weeks and is said to slow down excess hair loss.

Brow Wiz ($19)- The slimmest of slim dual ended mechanical brow pencil and brush. A pencil on one end and a spooley brush on the other. Available in Ash Blonde, Brunette and Medium Ash.

1 comment:

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Her kits should really come wih a DVD or something, don't you think?

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