Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Review: billybBEAUTY

I recently received the billybBEAUTY Essential Paint Brush Collection and had my breath taken away. For those of you who don't know, Billy B. is the ultimate makeup artist, with 20+ years of experience working on the most beautiful and glamorous people in the world. He designed these brushes using high quality blends of natural and synthetic components for maximum performance and function. The handle, length and weight were all considered before he decided on the lightweight, varnished birch , which is chic, comfortable and easy to use and store.

billybBEAUTY Essential PAINT BRUSH Collection ($159) - Contains 8 basic tools including:
- Two ($30 value)- A soft, defined, foundation brush designed to apply and blend foundation flawlessly.
- Three ($37.50 value)- A powder/blush brush designed with the woman's face in mind. Slightly narrower than Brush one. Allows you to place the powder only where you need it. I use this to buff powder all over the face.
- Four ($28.50 value)- A blush, powder contour brush for precise application. I love using this with my MAC Contour powder.
- Eight ($24 value)- A soft, fluffy but firm eyeshadow brush with rounded edges. One of my favorite brushes ever. Blends like a dream.
- Ten ($15 value)- A eyeliner brush designed with exactly the right combination of density and length for ultimate control of liquid eyeliner.
- Eleven ($18 value)- A Stiff, angled brush that's "tight and compact" for precision placement of color to create the perfect brow.
- Twelve ($24 value)- A soft but firm angled brush is a Billy B favorite. Perfect for blending and smudging to make a smoky eye, also good for defining the crease of the eye. I'd never used a brush like this before, but the effect is awesome. I recommend.
- Lightweight Aluminum, Lidless, Retractable Lip Brush ($18) - A lidless brush with an automatic closure to keep the brush fresh and clean. Fantastic for purses. Now you can have perfect lips all the time.

The billybBEAUTY Eyelash Curler ($15)- A curler designed to fit the lash line with ease. Flexible rubber linings prevent pinching for maximum curling comfort. I like this one almost as much as I like the Shu Uemura one.

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Shop With A Vengeance! said...

These look gorgeous! Wish I had the $160 to pay for them though, haha.

Thanks for posting :)

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