Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Collection: MAC Beauty Powder Blush

Shimmering fine particles impart soft colour in hard candy palette, to sweet and subtle effect. Eight shades of giddy deliciousness with pearl sheen and jet-milled perfection, to keep the glow going. New M·A·C innovation for limited time only! Silky-fine, shot with pearl, this blush inspires a subtle glow in tandem with pure, bright, colour vibe. Ultra-smooth, delivers a light and alluring shimmer together with a high-colour payoff. In every way luxurious. Limited Edition.

-Shy Beauty Pastel- apricot with gold pearl (satin)
-Feeling- Dirty plum with silver pearl (satin)
-Sweetness- Intense blue pink (satin)
-Joyous- Peach with gold pearl (satin)
-True Romantic- Mid-tone pink with silver pearl (satin)
-Serenely- Deep brownish red with gold pearl (satin)
-Eversun- Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (satin)
-Secret Blush- Dirty neutral plum with gold pearl (satin)


Laura said...

My all time favourite MAC blush is the pinkish one they released in their Barbie loves MAC collection. I don't have it one me right now, but it is a beautiful, sheer bright pink; I think the name is "Watch me Shine". I use it daily, and even love it more than NARS's orgasm blush.

Hinna said...

It's called Dont Be Shy. It's my favourite blusher also. Never have I seen a pink so perfect :)

Christine said...

I love the bronzy type of make-up. I love pink but it just won't match my skin, or maybe I just couldn't get the right shade.

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