Monday, March 03, 2008

New Collecton: MAC Slimshine

MAC Slimshine- Don't Speak! Lips in danger of all manner of delicious indiscretion, so seductive in color, shine and staying power, everyone's looking and listening- so be careful of what you say! Seven new Slimshine Lipstick shades in addition to 13 bring-backs for ultra glossy conversation in lurid, living colour. Oh yes, people will talk.

Slimshine ($14.50)
Think Tan- Deep reddish brown with gold (frost)
Assertive-Rusty brown with gold pearl (frost)
Voile- Canary yellow with gold pearl (frost)
Missy- Creamy pastel coral (cream)
Grenadine- Creamy deep blue red (cream)
Rock Out- Clean bright blue pink with gold pearl (frost)
Intimidate- Creamy plummy pink (cream)
Bare- Light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (frost)
Pleasing- Mid-tone violet with red and gold pearl (frost)
Long Stem Rose- Light baby pink with subtle gold pearl (frost)
Scant- Mid-tone dirty plum with gold pearl (frost)
Mousse- Mid-tone caramel brown (cream)
Lovey-Dove- Mid-tone terracotta with subtle bronze pearl (frost)
Prudeaux- Dark rich burgundy plum (cream)
Ultra-Elegant- Light neutral beige (cream)
Funshine- Shimmery soft apricot pink (frost)
Urgent!- Classic mid-tone red (frost)
Cocoamour- Neutral cool brown with matching pearl (frost)
Most Wanted- Intense purplish-red with metallic golden shimmer (frost)
Gaily- Soft mid-tone berry pink with pearl (frost)

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