Monday, April 28, 2008

Review: 3 CC Papaya Lip Gloss

Diana Gregg is an awesome makeup artist, who wrote her 6th grade "thesis" on Coco Chanel and is now living the dream of merging art and artifice in the context of makeup. She recently created the makeup looks for the weekly catwalk on Bravo's "Make Me A Super Model." Visit her website here.

One of her favorite 3 CC products is the Papaya Lip Gloss (shown on top, color below is Simply Beautiful.) She uses it constantly because it is so universally flattering. Papaya Crush is a Cherry pop of color on the lips. It brightens the complexion immediately. Provides just enough color to enhance your other features. I use it constantly, along with the brow powder. Just can't get enough. Try it! You'll like it.

1 comment:

msnotty said...

Looks great! I have to try this!

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