Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: John Varvatos Women's Eau De Parfum

John Varvatos- the new scent for her- celebrates the diversity of today's woman while exemplifying the ideals of the John Varvatos philosophy. It exudes warmth, delicacy, elegance and sensuality. I think this is a lovely fragrance for summer. It's flowery and sweet at the same time. I found myself sniffing my wrists throughout the day because I liked it so much.

Fragrance Elements:
-The Enticing Introduction- Coriander Flower, Georgian Apricot, Damascus Plum, Golden Mandarin from Sicily, Aromatic Grappa "Di Nebbiolo" Accord
-The Sophisticated Heart- Rubrum Lillies, Rose Attar from Turkey, Mango Blossom from India, Jasmine 'Grandiflorum' Concrete from Egypt, High Altitude Narcissus Absolute from France
-The Sensual Background- Tolu Balsam, Adriatic Oakmoss, Styrax from Laos, Patchouli extra Pure, Wild Honey from Spain, Tonka Beans from Venezuela, Hibiscus Seeds from Ecuador.

Eau De Parfum ($92 for 3.3 oz., $70 for 1.6 oz.)
Parfum ($125 for .5 oz.)
Cleansing Oil with Grains ($58)- The luxurious cleansing oil is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish and moisturize skin while cleansing and leaving the subtle scent of John Varvatos. The innovative grains provide a customized exfoliation expierience leaving skin soft and touchable.
Body Milk ($50)- A sumptuous body milk enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, to help moisturize, soften and rejuvenate skin and leaves it softly scented.

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Fashion Addict said...

This fragrance is amazing! I tried it at a Nordstrom fragrance event two weeks ago and loved it!!

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