Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Bobbi Brown Mauve

I got to try some of the new Bobbi Brown goods recently. Here's what I thought of the new things I'd never tried before.

1. I'd only ever tested the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($19) I used Bobbi's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush ($22) to paint the gorgeous bronze and gold-laden Black Mauve Long-Wearing Gel Eyeliner ($19) along my top lash line and flipped it up at the corner. I usually use MAC Fludline because it lasts forever, but this one gave it a run for its money. Plus it comes in quite a variety of shades. This color is so pretty, I definitely recommend it along with the brush.
Face Candy Grade: A+ on both.

2. The Heather Mauve Lip Color ($22) is a creamy, semi-matte mauve. It looks on me the way it looks on the model. It's a little lighter than the naturally darker pink of my lips. When paired with the colors in the palette, it really is a great combination. It complements the colors beautifully. I actually don't think I'd wear it without wearing the palette colors because it would wash me out and it's not really a color I would have chosen, but what an awesome surprise. Don't you love that? When you think something will look horrid on you but when you try it on, it looks good?
Face Candy Grade: A

3. The Mauve Lip Gloss ($19) is a slightly vanilla scented, thick and heavy gloss. The color is pretty, just a little darker than my natural lip color. Decent staying power. Nice, but the tube is kind of small for $20.
Face Candy Grade: B

4. I was pretty much peeing myself just thinking about the Mauve Face Palette ($55), and was sooo happy after I did. (Try it, not pee myself, lol.) I wasn't very excited about the BB Nude Palette, so I was a little skeptical, but this one is really fantastic. One of the best parts is that it would look good on everybody. I adore the Vintage and Chocolate Mauve Eye Shadows and Mauve Blush. Again, the overall look is sophisticated and pretty. I showed it to my mom, who said, "Hm... Mauve, these are all my colors!" I love my Mommy, so while I just can't bear to part with mine, I'll buy her one of her own.

Face Candy Grade: A+

Overall, this collection pretty much rocked my world. I think a Nail Polish would have been a nice touch, but whatever. I'm DYING to try the Black Pearl Lip Gloss now, it looks fab. Have you tried anything from this collection? What did you think?

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