Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Collection: MAC - Cool Heat

Some looks are too hot for summer to handle but not Cool Heat. Sweltering corals, chill-out blues, complemented by Turquatic and its warm new sister shade, Turquatic Heat, create this season's coolest - and steamiest - beauty paradox.

-Slimshine Lipstick ($14.50)- A new Lipstick combining creamy emolliency with a unique sheer colour pay-off. Finishes include cream, sparkling pearl and metallic. Provides the shine and moisturizing comfort of a gloss but with a smooth, non-sticky finish. Distinctive on and off. Comes packaged in its own stylish extra-long lipstick case.
-Tropic Glow- Blue pink with silver pearl (frost)*
-By Degrees- Neutral brown pink (frost)*
-High 90's- Clean pink orange (frost)*
-Swelter- Sheer clean red (frost)*
-Gentle Simmer- Light clean yellow pink with white pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow ($14)
-Solar White- Frosty muted white gold (frost)*
-Gulf Stream- Frosty mid-tone blue green with green pearl (frost)*
-Blue Flame- Dirty metallic navy blue (veluxe pearl)*
-Warming Trend- Frosty light taupe (veluxe pearl)*
-Cool Heat- Frosty teal with multidimensional pearl (frost)*
-Warm Chill- Frosty seafoam green with gold pearl (frost)
-Climate Blue- Mid-tone violet blue with pink pearl (velvet)

-Creations Hue: Turquatic ($22.50) -Crisp and energizing! A splash of clear, sparkling mineral water brought to a chill through an infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, then finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar.

-Creations Hue: Turquatic Heat* ($22.50) Like its sister fragrance, refreshing to the senses but infused with a sultry Mediterranean allure throughout its middle-notes. The first splash aqua-vescent, as sun-touched cedrat, mineral water and lotus flower explode on the skin. Heat and passion follow as opulent orris, jasmine and tiare soul fuse to create a blend that’s modern, feminine, and ultra-sexy. The scent that lingers on the skin: an earthy afterglow of cedarwood teased by a heartfelt blend of white patchouli, amber and vanilla infusion.

Items marked with * are available for a limited time only.

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Grayburn said...

I'm very tempted by this collection!

x Grayburn

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