Thursday, June 19, 2008

Review: Essie Nail Polish - Blushing Bride

*New - Essie Bridal Collection '08 The right dress, the perfect rings, and the dreamiest groom make every bride beautiful. Leave it to Essie to make every other woman at the wedding look like an angel as well, with six shades as subtle as a sigh. This exciting new Bridal Collection will be advertised in trade publications and the following consumer magazines: Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and InStyle.

Essie's Blushing Bride ($7) is described as barely flushed with pink and a bit of golden warmth. I was excited to try it. I was highly disappointed when after 3 layers it still didn't look like there was anything on my nails. I mean it looks shiny, but clear. I usually love Essie nail polishes. Sugar Daddy and Ballerina Pink are faves. But this one sucks. A lot.


Essie Nail Polish Review said...

Essie Nail Polish is my favorite nail polish brand, the amount of shades made is incredible and while they stay on the safe and pretty side they are stunning and slightly different enough that I want to have them all.

Anonymous said...

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