Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lancome's NEW Oscillation Mascara- Buy it Today Only Online!

I apologize for giving you this news so late, but lots of people have been listing on their blogs the Lancome Stores that are selling the new Oscillation Mascara. But that didn't help me- there were no places in Maryland, but I found it online, people! Just go directly to the Lancome website- TODAY ONLY- and buy it before it disappears and doesn't return until late fall.

Lancome Oscillation Mascara ($34)- The first vibrating powermascara by Lancome- 7000 oscillations per minute. Press the button to let the smooth formula and vibrating brush wrap every lash up to 360 degrees. Lashes become extraordinarily extended, separated and multiplied.


Anonymous said...

I actually bought at Nordstrom's (Sephora was sold out at 6am). I'm glad I got a demo, because you want to wiggle the wand, but you really have to let it do the work. But wow. My eyes are really great. I'm the type that no one ever thinks I have makeup on (and I do, just not well). But today someone thought I had changed my hair or something else great. I'm almost nervous about being able to apply it so well again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

i just saw the ad and its now september 3rd.. so it sucks.. because i missed it.. but i was wondering when it would come out for real.. like to everyone..

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