Monday, July 21, 2008

Review: Alice Cosmetics

"To those of you who are new to mineral makeup, and to those who may be looking for a better product, welcome to Alice Cosmetics. We offer a line of feather-light mineral makeup formulations that lend a beautiful, healthy glow to your complexion—with no sticky or chalky feel and none of the questionable ingredients found in so many other brands. Our mineral makeup is water-resistant and nonreactive, and thus safe for post-laser treatments and acne."

Alice Cosmetics offers a number of mineral foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, etc. In addition to their smooth formulations, they offer some neat specialty products such as the Buff Palette, the Eye Shadow Guard and the Mini Miracle Cloth. They also have a sample program, where for $2.50 each, you can test as many colors as you'd like. The foundation provided sheer, semi-matte coverage and the blush added a pretty flush to the cheeks. Similar to other mineral makeup brands, if you're interested in reasonably priced mineral makeup, give this brand a shot.

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