Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Review: Pop Beauty Lip Lust

(Left to right: No. 1 Naughty Red, No. 3 Dewy Toffee, No. 2 Flirty Fuschia and No. 4 Petal Pink.)

Pop Beauty Lip Lust ($13) - What it is:

-Dewy sheer lipstick to add a POP of colour.

-Super hydrating with lip moisturizing ingredients added.

-Silky smooth formula feels weightless on lips.

-Infused with natural food flavorings for yummy taste.

-Gentle formula perfect for dry sensitive lips.

-Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid nourish lips and provides hydration.

I tried No. 3 Dewy Toffee. It is a lovely nude color that is actually more peachy in the tube than it appears in the picture. I love the mini aqua tube with the pretty purple flowers on it. It's great for the purse, because it takes up minimal space. I like this color for a nude lip that doesn't wash you out. My personal preference is to put on about 3 or 4 layers and then top it with a lighter colored gloss for extra staying power. I'm not sure where exactly the "natural food flavorings" were in this, because mine still tastes rather lipstick-y.

Face Candy Grade: B-

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