Monday, July 14, 2008

Review: Redpoint Cosmetics

Redpoint is more than makeup. It’s a revolutionary line of color cosmetics infused with breakthrough anti-aging and skin transforming complexes, to make you look and feel better than you ever have.
At first glance, you’ll love Redpoint’s sexy red packaging and gorgeous colors. As an added luxury, every product contains highly specialized ingredients, that work behind the scenes to give you a youthful, revitalized glow!
What’s our secret? Previously, it wasn’t possible to incorporate active complexes into color cosmetics. Now, after years of development, our scientists have discovered new Chromactive Technology – allowing us to take makeup performance to a completely new level.

-Airbrush Effects Blushwhip ($28)- A sheer, creme-gel blush that hydrates and firms. Available in Vida (rosy-pink) and Glow (peachy-pink). This is a popular product among beauty bloggers. It's more liquidy than a cream, but creamier than a tint. A tiny dot of it on apples of cheeks prodives a natural looking glow. I used Glow on myself and my (caucasian) mother. It's shimmery and long wearing. I just wish the container was a little smaller. It takes up a lot of room in my makeup arsenal. (More on makeup storage later! Stay tuned.)

-MegaLash Mascara ($22)- Dramatically increase your lash volume and length by up to 72% after just 2 applications. Contains antioxidant vitamins and Redpoint's own special blend of special polymers for a blacker-black color with an age-defying glossy finish. A participant study shows:
382% average increase in lash volume (width and length) after just one application.
727% average increase in lash volume (width and length) after just 2 applications.
This was okay, a typical mascara to me, but it did thicken up my lashes.

-Age Minimizer Line Filler ($38)- More than just a primer, this stuff retexturizes and moisturizes skin while softening the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores. It's so hydrating, you may even want to skip your moisturizer. My mom tried this one out for me, it plumps up your skin, creating a smoother surface.

- NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact ($38)- This trio of concealers is designed to do a number of tasks. Red Guard (yellow) combats the appearances of facial dulness, Spot Cover (salmon) reduces the look of age spots, freckles, bruises and veins, and Eye Disguise (beige) helps conceal dark circles and crows feet. Perfect for use under or over foundation. This is one of my favorite products, EVER. It's awesome. This trio works wonders on pretty much everyone. It skins into your skin so you can't even tell it was there.

-Transformative Dual Foundation ($42)- Get full coverage that feels weightless. Two shades of Liquacreme foundation meld together or can be used to highlight, conceal and contour certain areas of the face. Elastimide Amino AC, a proven peptide blend and light diffusing pigments fill in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available in Light, Medium and Dark. I applied this to my Mom, the difference was incredible. It lightened and brightened her entire face.


Darvin said...

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Fair_Elaine said...

I absolutely love NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact. It does the job of concealing without looking cakey and it lasts all day!

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