Friday, August 22, 2008

A Michael Phelps Tribute

Everywhere I turn, it's Michael Phelps-this, Michael Phelps-that. Even Lindsay Lohan thinks he's "f-g amazing"- and it's not surprising. I would personally like to take this time to say: 1. I wish I had your cornflake money 2. Way to go inspiring children to not be obese.

I went through elementary, middle and high school with this boy (though I was one year ahead of him) and who ever would have thought that gangly skinny kid would turn out to be a gold-medal winning machine? I remember back before he'd even won anything, we had that "michael phelps" parade at school and they re-named Cedar Avenue- "Michael Phelps Way" and everyone was so put off. (Whatever at least we got to miss class.) We thought it was so lame. But now, looking back, visions of the high school orchestra playing "you'll be in my heart"- michael phelps, it seems somewhat reasonable.

So here's to you, Michael Phelps, way to go being an Olympian, instead of a face-less douchebag actor.


"Hailey" said...

mmmm I know he is younger than me and I am married but I've always thought he was a cutie pie. I am happy to see him make his dreams come true. I've followed him from the first Olympics & he has never let down his fans.

tokyostargirl said...

I live in Japan and even I hear his name all the time!

Toya said...

LOL! His mom was my little sis' principal, so she got to meet him. She almost peed herself she was so excited!

Louisee said...

in this picture, he looks really young and goofy.
The pictures of him during the Olympics were sexy hott!

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