Monday, August 11, 2008

New MAC Collections: Starflash, Lustre Twins & Cult of Cherry

MAC Starflash- "The New Hollywood Power Couple is a duo that does the unexpected. All eyes on 12 new limited-edition shadows... Shades for a smooth, creamy, cushiony life, jet-milled with an eye for ultimate luxury, beyond-Tinseltown-chic. But it takes two: Combine with Raven, Feline, Orpheus or Myster Kohl Power Eye Pencil for the double-wattage impact that will take you to a the new stylesphere."

Starflash Eye Shadow ($14)
-Star by Night- Frosty midtone blue
-Talent Pool- Frosty blue green with gold pearl
-Smoke & Diamonds
- Frosty dirty taupe
-Top Hat
- Frosty dirty indigo
- Frosty pinky lavender with gold pearl
-Sunset B.
- Frosty clean midtone pink
-Bold & Brazen
- Frosty light copper
-Grand Entrance
- Frosty neutral peach beige
-Glamour Check!
- Frosty reddish brown
-Mink & Sable
- Frosty olive green
- Frosty yellow gold
- Frosted bronze

Kohl Power ($13.50)
-Raven- Intense black with red pearl
-Orpheus- Intense black with gold pearl
-Mystery- Rich black with green and teal pearl
-Feline- Rich black

Plush Lash ($11)
-Plushblack- Deep black

MAC Lustre Twins- "Not just lip service, we nailed it too! Nine new shades of Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour with new sheer-pigment top coats, and three Nail Lacquer partners with a sheen never before seen. Glossed over a base that offers more long-life hours, and a super-scintillating sexual power! Lustre Twins can’t live without each other. Codependent couture colour and shine is here."

Prolongwear Lustre Extentions ($20)
-Pink Air/White Top
Lustre Light pink with pearl
Top Coat Clear white with red and pink (lustre)

-Ripe and Ready/Soft and Lush
Lustre Clean bright pink coral with gold pearl
Top Coat Yellow pink with gold pearl (lustre)

-Custom Rose/Pink Virtue
Lustre Berry plum with pearl
Top Coat Light blue pink with silver pearl (lustre)

-Gypsy Rose/ Shimmer It
Lustre Berry red with gold pearl
Top Coat White gold with multicoloured pearl (lustre)

-Boss and Ready/Slave to Pink
Lustre Chocolate bronze with pearl
Top Coat Champagne neutral with pearl (lustre)

-Red Flame/Orange Flicker
Lustre Intense bright yellow red
Top Coat Bright yellow red with gold pearl (lustre)

-Red Reflection/Mirror
Lustre Deep berry magenta with pearl
Top Coat Clear with white pearl (lustre)

-Coco Lust/Sweet Sexy
Lustre Deep red brown
Top Coat Copper brown with gold pearl (lustre)

-Alta Moda/Hip Love
Lustre Deep blackend red
Top Coat Deep plum with red pearl

Nail Lacquer ($10)

-$$$$$ Yes- Mettallic silver foil
-Perplexing- Deep blue purple
-Firehouse- Clean bright chrome red

MAC Cult of Cherry- "Cherry on top. Pity poor Eve, there's a new forbidden fruit. With a smoldering eye and a plush, purple-red mouth, she's a living sensual pleasure. The Cult of Cherry is luscious, dramatic, undeniably eroticized. Ripened lips, Spiced Hot Chocolate eyes or Illegal Purple nails, combine to seduce with a sweet-and-shock, way-to-go dark. Separates the bitter from the sweet. This drama just gets more delicious."

Lipstick ($14)
-Crème Cerise- Sheer yellow taupe (lustre)
-Lightly Ripe- Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
-Russian Red- Intense bluish red (matte)
-“O”- Intense purplish red with metallic gold (frost)
-So Scarlet- Clean grape burgundy (amplified)

Lipglass ($14)
-Cherry Blossom- Sheer light pink with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
-Rich & Ripe- Mid-tone pinkish red with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
-Cult of Cherry- Clean red with red pearl (frost)
-Liqueur- Neutral brownish mauve with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
-Jampacked- Sheer grape with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)

Mattene ($14.50)
-Rapturous- Deep berry red (matte)
-Kirsch- Blackened cranberry (matte)
-Chock-ful- Blackened brown (matte)
-Bing- Blackened eggplant (matte)

Powder Blush ($17.50)
-Blooming- Frosted deep dirty peach (frost)
-Plum de Bois- Frosted deep pink bronze with gold pearl (frost)

Nail Lacquer ($10)
-Silverstruck- Frosty greyed taupe with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
-Illegal Purple- Creamy blackened eggplant (cream)

Zoom Lash ($11)
-Zoom Black- Rich black

-Eye Shadow X4 – Spiced Chocolate Quad ($36)
Nanogold Sheer yellow pink with pink pearl (frost)
Brash Frosty reddish copper (vxp)
Spiced Chocolate Dirty deep reddish brown (matte)
Sweet Chestnut Frosted cranberry (frost)

-Eye Shadow X4 – Tempting Quad ($36)
Next to Nothing- Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl (frost)
Sharp- Frosty bright yellow gold (satin)
Dark Edge- Dirty chocolate brown (satin)
Tempting- Rich coco (lustre)

-Eye Shadow X4 – Shadowy Lady Quad ($36)
Light Fall- Dirty light pink (satin)
Smudge Violet- Frosty blackened lavender with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
Deep Truth- Very dark blue (frost)
Shadowy Lady- Darkly veiled plum (matte)

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