Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bridal Beauty - Review: Thi Cosmetics

Taylor Pham, of Thi Cosmetics, grew up in a salon and was inundated with images of tall modes and actresses we can never emulate. Her goal is to help Asian women recognize their distinctive beauty and to encourage them to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin. She believes "What makes you different is what makes you beautiful."

That's quite refreshing to hear. As a girl, I stared at pictures of Nikki Taylor, Christy Turlington, supermodels with "legs down to there." As a Korean girl, I have short little legs, a flat nose, a round face and monolids. I used to hate those characteristics, but over the years, I've learned to deal with it. Though my legs are short, they are shapely. I have a flat nose, but I've seen actual nose-jobs (Thanks Discovery Channel Health!) and it's disgusting. I don't want anyone to break my nose. I don't have creases in my eyes, but I've developed other ways to do my eye makeup. Most of all, being beautiful is being confident in your skin. There's no point in comparing yourself to people you could never be. Flaunt what you've got and be proud.

Anyway, I tried the Quinn Lipstick ($19, pictured above on the right.) It claims to be not too orange, not too pink. I used my finger to gently smear a circle on the surface of the pan. A thin coat provides a berry tint. Multiple coats will make your lips as dark as the lady's below. It's a delightful cheek stain also. I just don't know if I'd call it red. It's more burgundy or deep berry to me. The girl here is definitely wearing Quinn with a layer of gloss. Her lips look dark and juicy.

Face Candy Grade: A

Here are some of Taylor's bridal tips for Asian women:

  1. Use Primer and a makeup fixer to set your makeup. Avoid creams which are likely to smear.
  2. A silicone based cream foundation covers better than liquid and lasts eight hours. Use a kleenex to lightly press into the foundation before you powder. This removes oil, making it last longer.
  3. If you have oily skin, before foundation apply an oil control lotion to the T-zone. Use blotting papers instead of powder to touch up.
  4. For timeless but natural and noticeable makeup, try pinks, peaches, taupes and soft greys.
  5. False eyelashes enhance the eyes without much shadow.
  6. To make eye shadow last throughout the day, use a base cream eye shadow.
  7. Highlight features with a soft shimmer shadow on the brow bone and inner corners of eyes and above cheekbones.
  8. Use Evian spray to mist the face throughout the day to keep the skin looking and feeling fresh.
  9. To make lipstick last all day use foundation or concealer before applying the color.
  10. For dramatic evening eyes, go smoky. Smoke the rims of the eyes and soften it with a lighter color. Lip gloss and mascara.
I'm dying to try the eyelashes. They look AWESOME.

* * * * * *

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tokyostargirl said...

I guess everyone is going for darker lipstick this Fall!

Meilily said...

Taylor Pham's vision is extraordinary and in person she is great too! I'm glad you got to try some of the products from her cosmetics line. The yen powder eyeshadow is really nice too!

Bunny said...

I'm relatively tall, average looking for a british girl. I have tried every look possible, every hair color, everything. One look I'd love to possess is Asian! whenever i see Asian woman they always look so beautiful, mysterious, and exotic (with hair like silk, which is what I'm most jealous of), even the fact many are quite petite adds to the allure! Also, Asian woman look good in almost any clothes (in my opinion). Even if I was wearing a one of a kind, made for me chanel, and there was an Asian woman next to me on the train or whatever regardless of what she was wearing, she'd always look more polished than me! looking at your photos just now and how beautiful you are is making me envious >:( haha


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