Thursday, September 04, 2008

Review: 3 Custom Color Specialists - Light Brights

Light Brights Lipstick Collection ($18.50)- 4 sheer, juicy shades in a moisturizing balm.

Light Brights High Shine Lip Glosses ($18.50)- the same bright colors as the lipsticks with a heavy does of gloss.

Available in: Area (juicy, bright tangerine), Danceteria (flirty coral), Limelight (sweet, soft pinky peach) and Palladium (hot pink)

I tried both in Danceteria. The lipstick looks super bright in the metal tube, but it is really like a tinted lip balm, I love the way it glides on. It's sheer, but it adds a subtle tint to my pink lips. I bet Limelight is gorgeous, I might have to try that one next. The lipgloss is very thin and lightly pigmented. I couldn't really see any sort of color payoff.

Face Candy Grade: Lipstick - A
Lipgloss - B-

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