Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kyle's Bridal Beauty

This is going to be a long post, so get ready.

My skin is normal mostly, so keep that in mind. I LOVE MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Yes, it smells like shit, but it does the job. The exfoliating bits dissolve into a kind of soapy grey sludge. Instant Gratification's name speaks for itself. Nivea's Soft Cream is a light fluffy cream that disappear into your skin without leaving a greasy film.

Clean Slate makes your skin a silky smooth canvas for foundation. I used my fingers to mix MAC Mineralize Satinfinish NC30 with MUFE HD 128. Both provided enough coverage without being masklike. I tried the trick of using a tissue to sop up extra oil and then applied powder.

I chose to use Urban Decay's PP instead of Too Faced Shadow Insurance because I personally think that PP works much better. While it does provide some difficulty in blending, it still stays put. I layered the Soft Ochre Paint Pot with Femme Fi. I then used the medium shade of Bobbi Brown's Vintage (medium grey heather) half way up my lid. I used a smaller brush to apply Chocolate Mauve (deep chocolate plum) along my lash line and smoke it up. I wanted a really dark black to make my eyes stand out, so with a wet brush I used Dark Soul Pigment (charcoal black smoked with gold) on top of that.

I had actually never used individual eyelashes before, but I did and it was easy. I applied them along the outside corners only. Using a tiny Billy B. lining brush I went around the entire eye with Black Mauve Gel Eyeliner. A bit of Blinc Kiss Me Mascara and done.

I filled in my brows with the lighter side of Anastasia's Medium Ash Brow Powder and then added a little bit of the darker side to the middle.

Elizabeth Arden's Bronzing Brush is perfect for contouring the cheeks. I chose Senna's matte bronzer. A sheer dusting of Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder to the cheekbones. A layer of the Orgasm Multiple (for pigment and staying power) with a layer of MAC Shy Beauty.

A couple spritzes of MAC's Fix + and I felt beautiful and ready. I applied my lipstick and gloss in the car before I arrived at the site. It was like 85 degrees outside and humid as hell, so touching up was definitely necessary.

There are a lot of things I forgot to do- (use lip liner before lipstick, use a shimmery lotion, etc.) it's funny what you forget when your mind is somewhere else. I DO wish someone had told me to powder my nose during pictures, but oh well. It was a perfect, beautiful day that only could have been better if my Daddy was there.

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Piece of Cake said...

I think you look FAB! Congratulations on the wedding. Wish you many many happy years together.

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