Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pink Product Giveaway!


Anastasia Swarovski Pink Ribbon Precision Tweezers ($33)- Handcrafted in Italy, these slanted tip and calibrated tension tweezers handles fine hairs with ease. This special edition is hand-adorned with Swarovski Crystal Pink Ribbon. 50% of proceeds will go to The Entertainment Industry Foundation - Women's Cancer Research Fund.

In honor of October being BCA month, I'm giving away a pair of these tweezers. All you have to do is leave a comment (on any post, saying how breast cancer has affected you) between now and October 31st. I will also be doing "Comments for the Cure" for the weekend of October 25th. For the 25th and 26th, for each comment made, I will donate $4 to the BCRF. So please, please, please help me spread the word.



elizabeth Lee said...

aunts and other family members of mine have had breast cancer so we take this month really seriously

i did the susan b komen walk

THANKS for the giveaway!


Kelly D. said...

My grandmother had breast cancer at the age of 79. She had to have both breasts removed. I admire her so much for her strength and determination to fight. She has not once complained about what she has went through, not once. Her only reference to it now is when she jokes that she is probably the only woman in the world who uses Beanie Babies as breasts.

Sherry said...

I have been fortunate enough thus far not to have personal experience with breast cancer. That does not mean, however, that I have no fear of the disease! It's scary enough to me that I have had a total of six lumpectomies over the the past few years. I am so thankful that they were all benign tumors! I found these lumps through self-exams; that is our first line of defense. Please, ladies, take the time to examine your breasts monthly and run, don't walk, to a doctor if you find anything unusual! A few small scars on your breasts are nothing compared to the devastation of breast cancer.

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