Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review: Kimiko Lifting Puff Blush

The future of makeup has arrived: clinical skincare fused right into cosmetics. Kimiko Beauty indulges your skin in luxurious treatment with every application: lip tints that color and plump, concealers that treat and hide, powders that hydrate and firm, and eyeshadows that smooth and lift. Look younger and save time while giving your skin the treatment it deserves.

Lifting Puff Blush ($38)- This amazing powder blush lifts and enhances your skintone with Hydra-FirmaLift™ and Vitamin E. Lifting Puff Blush brightens your cheeks while giving you an uplifting skin treatment. Natural tones are buildable for that just right glow. A purse-friendly blush with flow - through puff applicator and mirror built into the cap for easy touch ups on-the-go! Wearable, portable, convenient. Who could ask for anything more?

Available in:
Golden Geisha - warm pink-bronze with shimmer
Plum Wine - berry-pink with warm shimmer
Cherry Blossom - golden peachy-pink with shimmer
Sweet Lychee - soft matte natural pink

I used Plum Wine, obviously you have to remove the clear plastic cover between the powder and puff to let the powder seep into it. (I'm a little slow sometimes, so it took me a few minutes to figure out why no powder was coming out, lol.) Dab the sponge onto your hand until you can see the color coming out. Pat it onto your cheeks and you've got a very natural looking blush. I like the small size and that it's got a mirror on the top for on-the-go application. Also, the treatment while acting as a cosmetic is a cool concept. All the products multi-task! The powder itself is light and can be layered for deeper color.

Face Candy Grade: A

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