Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Collection: MAC - Red She Said

Lipstick ($14)
Quiet Please- Sheer frosty pale beige
Crazee- Frosty mid-tone coral red with pearl

Pomposity- Frosty mid-tone blue pink with pearl

"Red" She Said- Mid-tone blue red

Soft Pause- Sheer dark brownish berry

I really loved "Red" She Said, because I collect red lipstick. Why? Because why not? I know that with my coloring I'm "supposed" to wear warm reds, but I like to wear both. Creamy and looks awesome with Love Alert Dazzleglass over it.

Face Candy Grade: B+
Dazzleglass ($17.50)
Sugarrimmed- Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
Baby Sparks- Pale pink with violet pearl
Miss Dynamite- Sheer orange-y copper with pearl

Love Alert- Raspberry red with red pearl

Date Night- Deep plum with blue and gold pearl

I LOVE Dazzleglass. I had never really tried them before now. I actually got a Blue Comet Dazzleglass when they first debuted, but I never even put it on. I got Sugarrimmed, which adds really pretty vanilla sparkle with a nude lipstick underneath. I'm constantly attracted to pink lip glosses, so I also got Baby Sparks, a cotton-candy pink and Love Alert, a bright raspberry. I like these better than the traditional Lipglass, because they are thicker and stay on longer. I regret not purchasing Miss Dynamite.

Face Candy Grade: A+

Mineralize Eye Shadow ($17.50)
Word of Mouth- Frosty pale beige/copper pearl stripe/frosty blue grey
Threesome- Frosty burnt red/copper pearl stripe/frosty mid-tone pink

Outspoken- Frosty plum/silver pearl stripe/frosty violet
Persuasive- Frosty light blue/silver pearl stripe/frosty indigo
Inter-view- Frosty deep navy/copper pearl stripe/frosty bronzy brown

Danger Zone- Frosty true red/silver pearl stripe/frosty black

I have to admit that I don't like any of these. At all, really. I have a hard time getting any color payoff and I feel it's always too shiny.
Face Candy Grade: C

Fluidline ($15)
Silverstroke- Richly metallic platinum
Blacktrack- Solid flat black

I love blacktrack, it's smooth, easy to apply and lasts until you take it off, but I can pass on the silver.

Face Candy Grade: A+

Eye Brows ($14.50)
Lingering- Soft taupe brown
Spiked- Bottle brunette

Stud- A deep rich blackened brown

Fibre Rich Lash ($12)
All Black- Black

Beauty Powder Blush ($18)
Stark Naked- Shimmery mid-tone mauve with gold pearl
Enough Said- Shimmery light bronze with gold pearl

Nail Laquer ($11)
Beiged Bliss- Silken beige-brown
Rougemarie- Immodestly sexy red-blue

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