Monday, December 29, 2008

New Collection: MAC - Dame Enda/ WIN IT!

Dame Edna is the resident muse for our spectacular post-holiday makeup collection, and modestly describes herself as "probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today: housewife, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, talk-show host, swami, children's book illustrator, spin doctor, megastar, and Icon."

With packaging as mirthful and minx-like as The Legend herself, the Dame Collection of heavy-on-the-lilac Lipstick/Lipglass, eye shadow, Highlight powder and nail lacquers is in a class by itself! "Follow my beauty regime possums, and you'll never be cosmetically challenged." - Dame Edna

So I have to say that I'm not entirely sure why MAC chose Dame Edna as a beauty icon, but I do understand that she's popular in certain circles. Regardless, I do find the lilac packaging with sparkly red glasses pretty cute. I was most drawn to the lip selection and highlighting powder.

Lipstick ($14)
* Gladiola - Matte mid-tone blue pink
* Coral Polyp - Creamy mid-tone coral
* Kanga Rouge - Creamy dark blue red

Lipglass ($14)
* Hot Frost - Sheer mid-tone blue pink with multi-dimensional pearl
* Splendid - Frosty pale pinky coral
* Possum Nose Pink - Sheer bright coral with multi-dimensional pearl

Royal Tour Eye Trio ($32.50)
* Royal Tour - Mid-tone cool lilac
* Dame’s Desire - Frosty mid-tone reddish purple
* Climate Blue - Dark blue violet with pink pearl

Wisteria Eye Trio ($32.50)
* Fineshine - Frosty true silver
* Wisteria - Frosty robin’s egg blue
* Divine Night - Frosty charcoal with silver pearl

Hi-Light Powder ($26.00)
* What a Dame! - Pale clean orangey peach
* Spectacle! - Pale soft pink

Nail Lacquer ($11.00)
* Asiatique - Creamy classic red
* Varicose Violet - Frosty Mid-tone pinkish purple


To win a Dame Edna Eye Shadow Trio in Wisteria, leave a comment saying what you think of or know about Dame Edna. Winner will be picked at random on January 3rd.


Kimberly Tia said...

awwww I actually think the dame edna collection is really cute, especially the adorable packaging with the cute signature retro glasses.

+ she had a cute cheeky sense of humor, and gotta love her glamour grandma style!!

im new to your fab blog, so figured why not put my 2 cents in, and give myself a chance to win and support other lovelies!!!

*hugs* -kimberly tia

Chic Girl said...

It's totally natural that Dame Enda and Mac pair up to create a line. Both Ms. Enda and Mac represent unique beauty. I'm totally psyched for the ultra pink lipstick!

micaela6955 said...

She's from Australia and among many other things, has also done illustrating for children's books!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

LOOOOVE Dame Edna, poppet. Saw her live several years back. Hilarious.

Kayla P. said...

I think Dame Edna might possibly be Jewish! She is a widow w/ 3 grown children though!

Shana said...

I dont know THAT much about Dame Edna besides that she is quite witty and even thought provoking at times and quite funny. Kinda like a hipster aunt who you love to visit even though you think she is kinda wacky. Good luck everyone!

fountaingirl said...

Hi! This is so funny, the Dame Edna collection. I know a bit about Dame Edna -- 'she' I believe is really biologically a 'he' (the actor, not the character) and she used to be a character on Ally McBeal for a while unless I am remembering really wrong.

mhtinkerbell said...

oooh awesome. I love dame edna she is hilarious. Please enter me I would love those little e/s!

Angela said...

Dame Edna is a tricky one. I know that there is a lot of confusion on her/his character. Once I saw this new line I immediately Googled it because my mother in laws name is Edna, and she is probably one of the most conservative people I know! My favorite Dame Edna quote is "I'm trying to find a word to describe what you're wearing...affordable!"

The Bag Lady said...

Isn't Dame Edna a man dressed up as a woman? How did he get a makeup collection?

Kim said...

Hi Kyle!

I think "she" is quirky with a bold whimsical sense of style and clever humour.

email -

ruby & maya's mom said...

I know that Dame Edna was big back in the 90's but have not heard much about her since....
Ruby and Maya's mom

Maria said...

OMG - MAC and Dame Edna! I saw her show once and was in stitches the whole time! Every woman needs to get in touch with her "inner Edna!" Dame Ednas beauty is all about being whatever you want to be no matter what!

ann_was_here said...

Wow, I think Dame Edna is a totally cute choice for a MAC collab, the colors are so fun! What I know about Dame Edna... well basically that shes a funny character with a distinct style (awesome pink hair and huge glasses)!

privledgednotspoiled said...

i know that
-Dame Edna did an interview with Vanity Fair a couple years back
- she was actually a man in drag
- she was known for her outrageous looks and satirical comedy

thats about all i know

Laura C said...

I'm so glad that Mac has made a Dame Edna collection! I love her glasses and lilac hair!

Amber said...

I love Dame Edna's bold colors! So fun and a great spokesmodel for MAC!

Thanks so much I would be soooo excited to win this!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Beka said...

I remember seeing Dame Edna as a little girl, and not fully understanding who she was. I just thought she was same lady with purple hair. Now, I realize what a hilarious character she is.

I am so delighted that MAC chose Dame Edna for the new collection. A wonderful idea from a very colorful and timeless muse!

Angela Marie said...

thank you so much for the eyeshadow and lipstick...what a great win!

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