Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Review: Bobbi Brown Party Collection

I crave Bobbi Brown. I totally have a huge girl crush on her. I think she's amazingly talented and smart. Anyway, let's get down to the make up. I have been trying out a few things from the new party collection.

-Glitter Gloss (limited edition, $19)- Infused with light-reflecting flecks of glitter, this gloss adds high-shine and shimmer. Available in 6 colors. I tried Martini- silver platinum with platinum flecks. When I first put it on I was like "woah- way too silver" but when I rubbed it in, I realized that the platinum flecks were somewhat natural and very pretty. The base color is basically clear so you really just see the flecks. It would look pretty over a lipstick that you wanted to look cooler. I love that there's a clear plastic cover that protects the gloss from the actual clear cover of the square compact. No smudgy, dirty window!

Face Candy Grade: A+

-Glitter Lip Balm (limited edition, $19)- All the benefits of Bobbi's Lip Balm combined with pearl and glitter pigments. I tried Pink Crystal and now carry it around with me everywhere. I love the mirored, round, black case. The gloss is smooth, non-sticky, easy to apply and adds a light frosty pink finishing touch. I am quite tempted to buy the other two just because I know I'd love them all equally.

Face Candy Grade: A

-Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact (limited edition, $40)- 5 shades: candlelight, gold, copper, beige and sand combine to create a warm glow. Compact features a faux-leather inset and metallic copper finish. This was love at first sight. The case, the colors, everything. I like the shimmery warmth it provides in the winter and think it would look great with a tan too.

Face Candy Grade: A


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Online Shopping Chick said...

Very nice collection. I agree that the lip gloss would be perfect over lipstick for a nigh time/party look.

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Your blog is great. I can't wait to try the Bobbi Brown Party Collection. Here's a great vid I found that has tips on winter makeup.

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