Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Review: Philosophy - Under the Mistletoe Lip Gloss Trio

So after my good luck with the raspberry sorbet gloss, I caved on philosophy's Under the Mistletoe Ornament ($28.) At $9.30 each, compared to $12 each it's a steal. I tried Spicy Pear Cobbler first. Mm, yummy, just like Jelly Belly Pear jellybeans. (I'm obsessed with those, I can't get enough, they're so good!) I wasn't disappointed. I know that it's green because it's pear, but I'm not a huge fan of the milky lime color it turns your lips. Good news, it eventually wears off and it's just sparkle. I can't help but use it regardless of the green color, it just tastes and smells so fresh and spicy! The second one was Orange Cranberry Spritzer. It kind of made me more upset that the 3-in-one was "temporarily out of stock." Love the dusty rose color and it smells and tastes just like its name. Finally there was Gingerbread. I feel like it's not as good as it could be. I wouldn't have bought it if it hadn't come in this set. The color isn't bad though. Maybe a good gift? 2/3 isn't bad. I wish they'd put in S'mores instead. Oh well. I think it's a great deal, I suggest buying it and splitting it up for your friends, or do what I did and keep them all for yourself. :) Why not?

Face Candy Grade: B



i stumbled upon your blog and found it very interesting! please drop by and check mine out when you get some time.
stay true~

rusty said...

I love this set, this is what I want for Christmas!!!

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