Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Anastasia Highlighting Brow Kit

The Anastasia Highlighting Brow Kit ($32) is a uniquely blended terra cotta duo of highlighter and brow color. You get 3 shades of each that can be used wet or dry (without damaging the surface of the product.) The exclusive Balkan Botanical Infusion contains rare plant and herb extracts found only in Romania, that calms, soothes and softens skin.

-Brow Trio- Perfection. You can use these colors alone or blended together to a custom shade. I blend the middle grey stripe with the dark brown stripe on the right to find my perfect brow color. I use the Anastasia Mini Duo Brush for just the right amount of definition. If it gets too dark, I run the spooley side through. I like this even better than the Brow Powder duo because it offers more versatility.

-Highlighter Trio- I like this, don't get me wrong. The 3 colors can be used as eye shadow or to higlight the brow bone. Subtle, not TOO sparkly.

Mine came with a mini Brow Gel that is truly adorable. Love! I threw mine in my purse right away. I was supposed to be giving you guys the opportunity to win one of these, but unfortunately the other set was broken when I got it. :( Stay tuned for more great products to win!

Face Candy Grade: A

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