Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Collection: Bobbi Brown - Invisible Coverage

"This foundation offers the lightest amount of coverage without being transparent. I named it Skin Foundation because it doesn't look like a foundation- it looks like skin."

Skin Foundation SPF 15 ($45)- Bobbi Brown wanted a foundation that was sheer but provided coverage while still looking natural, and that basically looked like skin. It's skin tone perfecting, hydrating and long-wearing.

Available in 17 colors:
-Warm Ivory
-Warm Sand
-Warm Beige
-Warm Natural
-Warm Almond
-Warm Walnut

I am a Bobbi Brown Skin Color Natural 4. I know this from using the Foundation Stick, which I carry with me in my purse. So I was delighted to try this foundation. I applied this in the morning, after moisturizer and primer. It sunk in nicely and lasted for a good 4 hours.

Face Candy: Grade B

Face Touch Up Stick ($22)- A portable, mini stick foundation that covers imperfections and redness. Oil-free and for normal and combination skin types. Available in the same colors as the foundation.

I touched up with this, and it's very creamy, much creamier than the Foundation Stick. It matched my skin perfectly and hid the redness around my nose and lips. I'm kind of surprised that it's a foundation, because I feel like it acts more like a concealer. Be sure to apply powder afterward, or I think it may slide right off your face. I would steer oily skinned customers away from this product, and toward the foundation stick, which is a bit drier.

Face Candy Grade: B
Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown

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The Lush List said...

I was looking to get this as an undereye and everywhere else concealer--but the BB website says not to use it on the undereye skin. Do you know why? I can't see why...

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