Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Collection: Bobbi Brown - Platinum

"Spring beauty is a study in contrasts and unexpected accents. Cheeks and lips glisten with touches of sheer, shimmering platinum, while eyes are strong, smoked up in cool shadows. The effect is equal parts fresh, edgy and beautiful."

Limited Edition Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick ($40)- 5 bars of soft pink, platinum, bright pink, golden coral and rose. The custom compact features metallic silver finish and faux-leather detailing.

Shimmer Lip Gloss ($20)
-Confetti- Light Shimmery Pink
-Glacier- Sheer Silver Shimmer

Lip Gloss ($20)
-Nougat- Light Beige

Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($22)
-Ash- Medium Brown
-Heather- Warm Mauve
-Platinum- Cool Silver Shimmer
-Steel- Deep Cool Brown

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Body Oil ($34)- A moisturizing, fast-absorbing body oil infused with pink and platinum pearls, scented with Bobbi's newest fragrance, Party- a subtle blend of violet leaves, lemon flower and lily of the valley.

I'm pretty excited for the whole collection. Are you?


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

argh i really want that shimmer brick! but i'm on no-buy for 40 days for lent T_T

Beauty Addict said...

Oh my god I so want that shimmer brick - I havent seen that in the UK yet :(

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