Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Collection: Bobbi Brown - Pure Romance Blushed Pink

With Bobbi Brown's Light touch, spring beauty is taking a decidedly romantic turn. Sparkling eyes are paired with creamy blushed pink cheeks and lips for a look that's soft, refined and absolutely effortless.
"Pairing different textures on the face is what's new for spring." -Bobbi Brown

Sparkle Eye Shadow ($24)
-Ballet- Light Pink Glitter
-Silver Moon- Light Silver Glitter
-Mica- Deep Heather Gray Glitter
-Sunlight- Warm Sunlight

I tried Ballet and Mica. I like these. The colors are sheer and provide enough glitter to light up your eyes. The only problem is the fallout. It wasn't too bad, but it was noticeable. Ballet was my favorite and reminded me a little of Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy. Mica is gray. A lot deeper gray than in the picture. It goes well as a wash on the entire lid before a smoky blue or gray eye.

Face Candy Grade: B-

Eye Shadow ($20)
-Birch- Soft Brown
-Mink- Deep Brown

These silky, matte brown shadows provide soft definition. I trued Birch. The soft brown is a bit gray tinged and contours my eyes perfectly.

Face Candy Grade: A

Lip Compacts ($20)
-Nude Pink Lip Gloss- Neutral Pink
-Baby Glitter Lip Gloss- Soft Pink with Glitter
-Blush Pink Creamy Lip Color- Pale Nude Pink


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