Friday, February 20, 2009

New Collection: Sephora - Moroccan Sunrise

-Moroccan Sunrise Gold and White Bag Collection:
-Gold Hanging Bag ($50)
-Gold Large Handle Bag ($42)
-Gold Medium Cosmetic Case ($22)
-White Medium Cosmetic Case ($22)
-White Pencil Case ($18)
-Gold Pencil Case ($18)
-Moroccan Sunrise Tote ($65)

-Moroccan Sunrise Fuchsia Bag Collection:
-Hanging Bag ($50)
-Large Handle Bag ($42)
-Medium Cosmetic Case ($22)
-Pencil Case ($18)

-Moroccan Sunrise Tangerine Bag Collection:
-Hanging bag ($50)
-Large Handle Bag ($42)
-Medium Cosmetic Case ($22)
-Pencil Case ($18)

-Moroccan Sunrise Palette ($32)

-Moroccan Pot of Gold Loose Bronzer ($22)

-Moroccan Sunrise Lip Gloss ($15):
-Sultry Spice (rich burgundy)
-Pink Coffee (tawny pink)
-Roseberry (berry pink)
-Naked Peach (beige apricot)

-Moroccan Brush Set ($42)- 5 white and gold brushes (eyeshadow, angled eyeshadow, smudge, angled eyeliner and dual-sided brow brush and comb.)

-Moroccan Sunrise Pocket Brush Set ($18)- AHHH This makes me kind of angry at myself for splurging on Bobbi Brown's Copper Diamond Deluxe Mini Brush Set, but whatever, they're still quite nice for on the go makeup application. Anyway, this cute, AFFORDABLE set includes a blush/powder, eyeshadow, concealer, angled brow and flat eyelinerbrush in a bright, convenient, wallet size, magnet-closure case.

-Moroccan Sunrise Pop-Up Travel Brush ($8)- A round touch up brush that you pop in and out of the compact with a mirror in the other side.

-Moroccan Sunrise Atomizer ($10)

-Moroccan Sunrise Nail File Set ($6)

-Moroccan Sunrise Compact Mirror ($18)- One regular mirror and one 2x magnification mirror.

-Moroccan Sunrise Gold Lighted Traincase ($82)- Features a lighted mirror, a two part upper tray and two lower drawers.

What DON'T I want from this collection? I want it all! I love the clean, gold accented designs. And I might have to buy that white tote to use as a purse.


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

they had the mini-brush set before in silver/ bronze/ black- it was orig $18, and sale for $14 (i think some stores still ahve a few left).

Jenna Marquez said...

I really like the Sunrise Gold and White Bag Collection.

I find that a great set of brushes makes a world of difference in makeup application.

I use this set:

They are so soft and there is literally a brush for everything. I also like how the pouch keeps everything clean and organized.

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