Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Jouer Cosmetics

Recently I've been kind of obsessed with Jouer Cosmetics. I love the way the packaging is interlockable. You can snap together the chocolate brown plastic packaging into whatever combination of eyeshadow or blush you want. And one of the coolest things about the website, is that it shows you what every eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc. looks like on someone with your skin tone. Check it out. I spent waaay too long there.

Age-Repairing Perfctor ($34)- A mineral age-repairing perfector containing Dermaxyl Complex, Vitamin E, Amica Oil and Japanese Tea Extract. Conceals without being heavy. This is one of the lightest feeling foundations I've ever tried. No. 4 (light to medium complexions with golden undertones) is perfect for me in the winter, I'll have to get No. 5 for summer.

Face Candy Grade: A+ Highly Recommended

Age-Repairing Brightener ($32)- A rich, emollient brightener that moisturizes and reduces the appearnce of dark circles and fine lines. Contains Dermaxyl Complex, Orchid Complex, Camellia Oil and Vitamins A, B & E. Warm was too dark for me. Next time I'll have to try Medium.

Face Candy Grade: ? Still unknown. Not enough data for a definitive response.

Powder Eyeshadow ($20)- Oil-free, satin shimmer and matte shadows with light-diffusing mineral pigments. I used Espresso- Shimmering Smoky Slate and Bourdeaux- Shimmering Deep Aubergine. These shadows are smooth and blend like a dream. They're tiny and I love that you can clip them together. Both colors are pretty, I use Espresso to line and define and the Bordeaux is the perfect color. It's slightly plum and shimmering.

Face Candy Grade: A+

Moisturizing Lip Gloss ($20)- Sheer gloss loaded with Vitamins A, C & E, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil to soothe, nourish, rejuvenate and protect. connects to any Jouer custom palette. I tried Pink Sand, a shimmering bronzed pink. I love the nude look it provides, very natural and non-sticky.

Face Candy Grade: A

Eye Definer ($20)- A velvety eyeliner rich in jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamins A & E. I tried Chocolat- Shimmering Brown. I LOVE the way this glides along my lower lashes. It looks awesome.

Face Candy Grade: A

Hydrating Lipstick ($22)- Provides a smooth, soft finish with the moisturizing properties of Brazil's Cupuacu Butter. I tried Simone, a true red. Smooth and creamy, one of my favorite reds.

Face Candy Grade: B

Mineral Powder Blush ($24)- Lightweight, oil-free mineral powder brush that contains Japanese Green Tea Powder, Vitamins A, C & E and light diffusing minerals. I used Rose- Rose Pink. The color is buildable and natural looking. I keep it in my purse.

Face Candy Grade: B

Overall, this sampling from the brand has thoroughly impressed me. Not only are the formula's great, but the packaging wins me over for sure. When I leave it out on the coffee table, someone always picks it up and says it's cool. I love that you can make your own palettes and change them whenever you want. I definitely encourage anyone who hasn't tried it to do so! You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

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Leann said...

I've never used Jouer but that is a cute idea with the packaging!

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