Friday, April 24, 2009

Face Candy Fashion: Initium Sunglasses & Frye Boots

I like clean, classic lines in my clothing, accessories, and shoes. I also like to buy things that I will be able to wear over and over. I believe that high quality accessories and shoes sometimes even make your less expensive clothing look better.

Last summer I bought a pair of gigantic Gucci sunglasses, I even took them on my honeymoon in October, and they've vanished. No where to be found and believe me I looked. It was heartbreaking. So I obviously had to replace them.

Through a website called, I spied a pair of Initium N.I.B. Sunglasses ($150), tortoise with green lens (yellow gold log0) for $40 and 11 days later, they were in my hands. Or on my face, rather. I wore them all day, today, and I love them.
If you want an invite to, email with hautelook in the subject.

Via, I got a pair of Frye 'Harness' Boots ($217.95) for $79. Classic! Love them. Note that you should order 1/2 size smaller than your usual size. If you want an invite to, email with shopittomein the subject.


Eyeglasses said...

You really know your fashion. Thanks

discount sunglasses said...

Face Candy fashion is unique itself with sunglasses and boots

Fendi Sunglasses said...

Can i guess that u bought sunglasses with green shades as part of going green campaign running throughout the world?

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