Monday, April 27, 2009

Review: FLIRT! Lash-a-delic Fast Defining Mascara

I recently got a sample of FLIRT! Lash-a-delic Fast Defining Mascara (limited edition, $14, on sale for $11.20) and I'm so said it's LE. The brush is on the small/ regular size, but it's the formula that provides length and separation. I used black, but it's available in blue and brown. It's long lasting, doesn't flake or clump. It makes lashes look wet and freshly painted. FLIRT! is only available at Kohl's and is a division of Estee Lauder. Get it while you can!

Face Candy Grade: A+

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CirceRavaine said...

I <3 Flirt! They used to be my go-to for everything. A saleswoman for Kohls told me that Flirt! is modeled after MAC (since both are Estee Lauder owned)

They have really good powder, great eyeliner, awesome mascara, pretty shadows (in creme and pressed powder) good concealer, and tons of lip gloss/stick shades. The only thing I don't recommend is the foundation. Its really sheer and acts like more of a tint than actual foundation. But some people like that I suppose...

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