Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review: Jouer Cosmetics

-Luminizing Moisture Tint ($38)- A light diffusing, multi-mineral moisturizing tint with SPF 20, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract. Oil-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, water resistant. OK, I was VERY excited to try this. I love tinted moisturizer. It instantly makes me look work-ready in the morning with one clean swoop. This one lasts throughout the entire day, which is unusual for TM's. I used Bronzed, a shimmering tint for medium to tan complexions. It matches me very well and I think I'm even going to get the golden, a shimmering tint for light to medium conplexions for the winter and I can even mix the two to find my perfect shade.
Available in:
-Pearl- Shimmering tint for fair complexions
-Golden- Shimmering tint for light to medium complexions
-Bronzed- Shimmering tint for medium to tan complexions
-Deep Bronze- Shimmering tint for tan to dark complexions

Face Candy Grade: A+, will definitely buy again, these days it's hard to justify $38, but I think it's worth it.

-Creme Eye Shadow ($20)- A lightweight, velvety eye shadow that illuminates the eyes. I tried Cashmere, a shimmering golden taupe. First of all, this color is awesome. I smooth a bit of it with my fingertip, all over the eyelid. Then I brush on some shimmery taupe powder shadow to increase the wear. I definitely want the rest of the shades. Here they are:
-Chiffon- Shimmering Ivory Pearl
-Feather- Shimmering Pink Champagne

-Cashmere- Shimmering Golden Taupe
-Organza- Shimmering Smoky Taupe

Face Candy Grade: A+

-Age-Repairing Brightener ($32)- A brightener that moisturizes and fights free radicals with Dermaxyl Complex, Orchid Complex, Camellia Oil and Vitamins A, B & E. This is now the only thing that I use to erase the dark circles under my eyes and on the outer corners (where most people's skin is a little bit darker.) With under-eye concealer, I think it's best to start out with a small amout on a brush. If you don't have a brush, use your finger. Pat it in with your ring finger and then use a fluffy brush to set it with a yellow or translucent powder. My match was Medium, illuminating for medium complexions. It lasts for about half the day. I need to touch up at lunch. Minimal creasing.
Available in:
-Light- Illuminating for fair complexions
-Medium- Illuminating for medium complexions
-Warm- Illuminating for golden to dark complexions

Face Candy Grade: A

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Kathie said...

I don't know this brand. I will have to check it out!

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