Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bobbi Brown - Customize. Simplify. Organize.

"The Customize. Simplify. Organize system is designed for women to customize their makeup and be their own makeup artists. It's an easy way to take less, but have more." -Bobbi Brown

Foundation Stick Compact ($22)- Bobbi's signature Foundation Stick in compact form. The pans can be inserted in the customizable palettes. Available in 3 new shades.
-Warm Ivory
-Warm Sand
-Cool Beige* NEW
-Warm Beige
-Warm Natural
-Natural Tan* NEW
-Warm Honey* NEW
-Warm Almond
-Warm Walnut

I generally use Natural on myself, and I freakin' LOVE this whole create your own compact thing. It makes touch-ups so much easier and lighter because I don't have to cart around 15 regular sized products to do it. It's the same creamy formula in a pan size.

Face Candy Grade: A+

Lip Quads ($20)- Each compact holds 4 complementary shade combinations of lip colors. The pans can be inserted in the customizable palettes.

Rose Quad
-Peony Lip Sheer
-Brownie Pink Lip Color
-Tulle Lip Color
-Roseberry Lip Color

Pink Quad
-Pink Cloud Lip Gloss
-Soiree Pink Glitter Lip Gloss
-Pink Beige Lip Gloss
-Pastel Pink Lip Gloss

Coral Quad
-True Beige Lip Gloss
-Coral Pink Lip Gloss
-Guava Lip Gloss
-Ball Glitter Lip Gloss

I got the Rose Quad and frankly, 4 mini glosses/lipsticks in a tiny little pan is awesome. I love the plastic covering to keep things neat. PERFECTION. Is it strange that I love everything Bobbi Brown does? I can't help it. I have an addiction.

Face Candy Grade: A

Shimmer Blush ($22)- 2 new shades that provide a soft, shimmering glow. The pans can be inserted in the customizable palettes.
-Pink Coral
-Plum Wine

Pink Coral is bright with some gold shimmer in it. It kind of reminds me of NARS Orgasm. Not too much glitter, which is important. Brings an instant glow to your cheeks.

Face Candy Grade: A

If you get these pans for the compact, I definitely suggest that you get one of Bobbi's Brush Sets. They are on the expensive side, but IMO 100% worth it.

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MakesNooSense said...

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