Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Obsessed Mineral Makeup


I was recently introduced to a mineral makeup brand called "Obsessed Minerals." They sell mineral makeup of all kinds, but the standout product is for sure the Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow ($10.) I personally hate loose mineral shadow because it gets everywhere, so this is right up my alley. I tried Iriquois (gray & gold) and Teddy Bear (warm shimmering brown.) I was immediately impressed with the quality and color payoff. All the shadows come in a beautiful array of colors. Iriquois is my favorite. The steely gray is perfect for a smoky eye. I suggest using it wet for better staying power, or over a primer.

Face Candy Grade: A

I was disappointed in the Bisque Mineral Cover ($10) because I really couldn't tell the difference after I put it on. I had to build layer upon layer to have it actually make my skin look even.

Face Candy Grade: C

The Outback Liquid Eyeliner ($10) looks lovely in the tube and even on your hand, but when I applied it to my eyes, above and under, it was too wet, the glitter was too chunky and it STUNG, plus it didn't set very well.

Face Candy Grade: F

Overall, I definitely recommend the eye shadow, but if you're looking for eyeliner or foundation, skip it here and try somewhere else.

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Cosmetic Brushes said...

So how do you find them different from the regular ones that are chemical laden?Are they good to the skin?They must be heavy on the budget isn't it?

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